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"Bounty and Donation Land Grants of Texas 1835 - 1888"

by Thomas Lloyd Miller

(Donated by the estate of Mrs. Barrie Aylette Dean Rosier)


A 'Bounty' was a land grant made for military service which had been promised in advance of the service as an inducement to enlistment.  A 'Bounty Warrant' was the document which granted the bounty land to the soldier.


A 'Donation' was a grant of land made by Texas to soldiers for service during the Revolution after the service had been rendered, and which had not been promised to them in advance.


Example (pg 63):  *AARONS, ALLISON

The heirs of Allison Aarons received Bty Wnt 871 for 1920 acres from AG on 18 June 1851 for his "having fallen with Fannin".  1920 acres in Archer Cty were ptd to the heirs on 3 July 1855.  Pat 22 Vol 8 Abst 5 GLO File Fan Bty 432.








"Silesian Profiles Polish Immigration to Texas in the 1850s"

by Silesian Profiles Committee


A beautiful book designed to preserve the history of Silsian ancestors.  It profiles 68 immigrant couples, including an index with over 900 names.  225 pages.  31 photographs.  

Surnames of couples profiled are:  Adamietz, Anderwald, Anioł, Bomba, Bronder, Czerner, Długi/Dugi, Długosz, Dupnik, Feluks/Felux, Gabryś/Gabrysch, Halamuda, Kaczmarek, Kałka, Kiełbassa, Kieryś/Kyrish, Kocur/Kotzur, Kolodziej, Korus, Kowalik, Kozub, Krawietz, Kuczka/Kutchka, Labus, Michalski, Moczygemba, Mroz, Mutz, Oleinik, Panek, Pierdoła, Ploch, Przybysz, Pyka, Rabstein, Richter, Rzeppa, Sekula, Sklorz, Skworcz, Sowa, Stanuś/ Stanush, Waczławczyk, Zając/Zaiontz.








"Sedan (Union County) New Mexico"

by Regina Joyce Christerson Smith


Compiled and published covering many facets of life in Sedan, Union County, New Mexico.  It is comprised of many lists, such as graduation, school, church, and many references to the families that lived in the area.  Contains over 7,000 names and is a very important tool for researchers of New Mexico history and genealogy.